Well Doggie Care

The first time I had a Well Doggie appointment I was only 12 weeks old. The super nice doctor said I needed to be tested for worms. WORMS?? That is SO GROSS! But they made it so easy — I went home with a chewy treat to take once a month that keeps me from ever having to think about horrifying worms again.
Now, I have a Well Doggie appointment at Cascade Park every year. In addition to lots of tummy rubs, they give me a full nose-to-tail examination, complete with vaccines and lab tests when needed. I barely notice any of this is happening thanks to their gentle hands and the yummy treats!
I know my mom and dad will always keep up with my annual Well Doggie exams so I can run and play for many years!
Dog Wellness

Why wellness care is so important:

  • Prevention of contagious diseases
  • Early detection of kidney, heart and liver problems leading to a longer life
  • Diagnosis and treatment of hidden age related pain
  • Diagnosis and treatment of dental disease
  • Nutrition counseling for life stages resulting in a longer life

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