Surgery & Anesthesia Services

I was spayed when I was six months old. I was admitted to the hospital early in the morning, and the technician with the caring smile took care of me all day long. My doctor gave me a full exam to make sure there was no reason to postpone the surgery and told me all my blood work was perfect!
I thought they were going to play Animal Planet on a big screen TV, but I found out the screen was there to display my vital signs while I was under anesthesia — one of the many ways they kept me safe during my surgery. After surgery, my nurse kept waking me up to take my temperature, listen to my heart, and check my incision, but she let me nap and stroked my ears the rest of the time. I was kept toasty warm under a special blanket called a “Hot Dog” warming blanket! When it was time to go home, I was still feeling quiet, but I didn’t hurt at all.  “Pain Free” is a nonstop topic of conversation at Cascade Park and they’re not just yapp’n.

Why Anesthesia and Surgery is safer than ever before:

  • Exam: a full nose-to-toes exam is performed
  • Screening: pre-anesthetic blood work is evaluated
  • Risk assessment: an individualized anesthetic risk assessment is noted and protocol customized for each pet
  • Training: sterile technique is followed by the surgeon
  • Monitoring: a veterinary technician is assigned to each patient for monitoring anesthesia, as well as pre-op and post-op care
  • Equipment: modern anesthetic, monitoring, and surgical equipment decreases procedure time and increases safety

Radiology Services

Why did I do it? What was I thinking?
Mom brought in the new 40-pound bag of my favorite food and set it on the floor.  I stared at it, walked away, came back, then decided to go for it. I chewed the bottom of the bag like a very hungry caterpillar, until BOOM — I broke through and the delicious scent of fish-n-chips kibbles wafted to my nose. Once I started eating, I couldn’t stop.
Soon, my belly was so full I was having trouble breathing and my heart was racing. And then I collapsed!
Too bad there was no siren on our car as we rushed to Cascade Park, because my mom drove like she was in the movies. The X-rays showed my stomach was so packed with kibble that I was going into shock — who knew that could happen? They called it “gastric dilatation without torsion.”  Just the term is terrifying! The X-rays showed I didn’t need surgery, but I did have to stay in the hospital all day on IV fluids and under close observation by those nice doctors and nurses who work there.
Now my mantra is, “Walk away, walk away!”
Dog Radiology

Why Digital Radiology is exceptional:

  • Less exposure of radiation to the pet and the care team
  • Takes less time; therefore, the procedure is shorter for the pet
  • Easy and quick to refer x-rays by email to a radiology specialist for an expert evaluation when needed

Dentistry Services

I love, love to run! One day while hiking with my dad, I took quite a tumble and my mouth crashed onto a rock. I cried and cried. After I calmed down, I let Dad take a look, and he discovered two of my top front teeth were broken!
Thank goodness my dad remembered the way to Cascade Park, where they know how to handle this stuff! The doctor explained that I either needed to have root canals or have the teeth extracted. Those broken teeth weren’t major chewing teeth, so Dad chose to have the doctor pull them. After a week of no chewing or playing with my toys, I was good as new! Too bad they don’t make puppy helmets for hiking, huh?
Dog Dental

Why dental care is so important:

  • Infected teeth are a source of chronic, hidden pain
  • Infection in the mouth can spread to the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys
  • Untreated dental disease can increase the risk of oral cancer and is associated with shorter longevity
  • Halitosis is unpleasant for you, the pet parent
  • Periodontal disease, a gum infection, is the most common disease in dogs and cats. It is a chronic infection that can be prevented by regular dental care.
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