Dog Boarding

I am so excited that instead of wagging my tail, I’m wagging my whole body, till my hips touch my nose. When I see Mom and Dad’s suitcases come out, I know I’m going to Cascade Park for the weekend!
I’m a friendly sort, so I always make new pup pals. Sometimes I play gently with the older group, and sometimes I romp it up big with friends my own age. We play ball and Frisbee and even go on walks around the neighborhood. At bed-time I get a Frosty Paw treat, which is ice cream for dogs and is incredibly yummy.
Plus, I get time away from Amelia Airport, which means I’ll actually make progress on writing the great American canine-novel. I better go start packing my toys!
Dog Boarding

Why board your pet in our facility?

  • Veterinary supervised
  • Team trained to administer medications and supplements
  • Team trained to care for special needs pets
  • Amenities, such as playtime, neighborhood walks, and special treats

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Please choose one of the following per night options:

VIP (Very Important Pet) Package
$53 for first dog & $40 for additional dog(s). Includes a Neighborhood Walk, Frosty Paw Treat, Brushing, Email Updates, Administration of Meds, & Playtime in our outdoor area.

Standard Package
$32 for first dog and $23 for additional dog(s). Includes Playtime in our outdoor area.

Diabetic Package
$50.00. Includes administration of medications and nurse supervision.

Special Needs Special Care Package
$45. This pertains to dogs needing special care such as multiple medications, bladder expression, post-op care.

Please Choose any Additional
Activities & Services:

Neighborhood Walk
30 minute walk through the nearby neighborhood and parks. $18 for first dog $9 for additional dog(s).
Please indicate number of walks

15 minute walk or individual playtime. $9 for first dog $5 for additional dog(s)
Please indicate how many Playtime Sessions
Frosty Paw Treat $3.25
Daily Brushing $5.00
Email Updates $5.00
Nail Trimming $20.00
Teeth Brushing and CET Chew $5
Exit Bath — Please indicate size of dog:
0 to 25 lbs $1526-56 lbs $2556-100 $35
Veterinary Exam yesno

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