Cat Wellness

Well Kitty Care

Every year, when I arrive for my well kitty appointment, my mom and I are taken into the “feline only” exam room so I don’t have to see any strange dogs.  Now, I’m NOT scared of dogs, but some dogs are not as nice as my furry half-sister, Alice! I become unusually peaceful in this special kitty room – I think it’s because they fill the air with Feliway, a calming hormone for cats, and that stuff makes me purrrrrrrrr. Isn’t it nice that the entire hospital team wanted me to have a Calm Kitty experience?
On my last visit, the super friendly doctor told my mom I needed to be tested for worms. I thought “I’M NOT WORMY. WORMS ARE GROSS!!”  Boy, was I glad the test results were negative. Before I knew it, I’d had a complete nose to tail exam and 2 vaccinations, all without feeling stressed out! I want to fly through the air for many years, so I’ll always be on schedule for my annual well kitty exams.

Why wellness care is so important:

  • Prevention of contagious diseases
  • Early detection of kidney, heart and liver problems leading to a longer life
  • Diagnosis and treatment of hidden age related pain
  • Diagnosis and treatment of dental disease
  • Nutrition counseling for life stages resulting in a longer life

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