Dentistry Services

I would floss my teeth with mice tails to keep them clean, but my parents won’t let me go outdoors without supervision. I’ve chased lots of dust bunnies, and I think I could catch mice too! Anyway, I had to have my teeth cleaned when I was three. It was really similar to when I was spayed. I had my blood values checked, a full nose-to-tail exam, and general anesthesia.  X-rays were taken of all my teeth, and they found 2 that needed to be extracted. My mouth was numb when I woke up, so I was in no pain at all!
I can still bite, so don’t make me mad! Especially if you’re a dust bunny.

Why dental care is so important:

  • Infected teeth are a source of pain
  • Infection in the mouth can spread to the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys
  • Halitosis is unpleasant for you, the pet parent
  • Periodontal disease, a gum infection, is the most common disease in dogs and cats. It is a chronic infection that can be prevented by regular dental home care.
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Surgery & Anesthesia Services

I was sitting in a sunny spot one day, and a shiny red string caught my attention. It dangled from a drawer, so I jumped and pulled at the string and before I knew it, I was chewing and playing and flying around in true Amelia Airport style! I had a blast with the string, but the next morning I felt terribly SICK! Off we rushed to Cascade Park Animal Hospital. The doctor looked in my mouth and found a piece of the string – actually a Christmas ribbon – wrapped around the base of my tongue. The other end disappeared down my throat. They took X-rays, which showed the ribbon was cutting into my intestines. I needed emergency surgery to save my life!
While the doctor surgically removed the ribbon, a Certified Veterinary Technician used an anesthesia monitoring system to be certain my EKG, oxygen level, blood pressure and body temperature remained stable. Extra-special care was taken to make sure I was never in pain! I recovered in a few days, thanks to my dedicated team. Mom and Dad were smart to have covered me with a Pet Health Insurance Plan!

Why Anesthesia and Surgery is safer than ever before:

  • Exam: a full nose-to-toes exam is performed
  • Screening: pre-anesthetic blood work is evaluated
  • Risk assessment: an individualized anesthetic risk assessment is noted and protocol customized for each pet
  • Training: sterile technique is followed by the surgeon
  • Monitoring: a veterinary technician is assigned to each patient for monitoring anesthesia, as well as pre-op and post-op care
  • Equipment: modern anesthetic, monitoring, and surgical equipment decreases procedure time and increases safety

Radiology Services

I’m going to take charge here, as a cat should, and tell you the true story about what happened to me and Alice. It was ALL Alice’s fault! I was minding my own business, lounging on the shelf in the storage room. Alice came in, jumped up and pawed at me just to be annoying. Suddenly the shelf came crashing down. Everything fell; cans of paint, jars of nails, gardening tools, and ME! Mom came dashing in, terrified I wasn’t’ going to make it.  I was in terrible pain!  She called Cascade to let them know we were on our way.
I needed X-rays because I couldn’t lift my tail. The doctor was talking (as if I couldn’t hear) about possibly making me a “bob-tailed” cat.  Oh no, I wanted to keep my glorious tail!  The X-rays, which I saw on the computer screen, showed that my tail wasn’t broken, so it must have been severely bruised. Now my tail only has 8 lives, but I’m still waving it around in Alice’s face just to be annoying back at her!

Why Digital Radiology is exceptional:

  • Less exposure of radiation to the pet and the care team
  • Takes less time; therefore, the procedure is shorter for the pet
  • Easy and quick to refer x-rays by email to a radiology specialist for a an expert evaluation when needed
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