Cat Rehab

Cat Rehabilitation

Let me tell you how Cascade Park saved my dear friend Kimble, whose family left him with a rescue group and moved away. They had overfed poor Kimble for years, and he was plump. Too plump. In fact, Kimble had about 15 extra pounds on him.  Just walking to the litterbox was an athletic event!
When he came to our house for foster care, we were worried about him! If Kimble didn’t lose weight, he might not live the long life he deserved. During his exam, the doctor at Cascade Park recommended he visit the rehabilitation Center.
Cascade Park has a swimming pool for cats and dogs and he took to swimming like a duck takes to water – the first cat/duck I ever met!
After a couple of months eating a special diet and swimming, Kimble was at his ideal weight. He went to his forever home thanks to the wonderful Rehab Center at Cascade Park.

Why rehabilitation is important for your pet:

  • Decrease duration of acute pain
  • Improve quality of life if your pet has chronic pain
  • Increase joint range of motion
  • Decrease recovery time post neuro or orthopedic surgery
  • Increase amount of exercise for an older or overweight pet
Cat Rehab

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