Cat Boarding

Yahoo, I’m finally here!! A few days ago, Mom set my soft cushy carrier on her bedroom floor, then out came her and Dad’s suitcases. I knew, for sure, I was headed to spend a few days at Cascade Park. It’s so rejuvenating to get away where no one expects anything of me. I don’t have to play with Alice or even chase a laser light, which, for some reason, seems to make my mom extremely happy. I can lay around on a cat tree, feel superior to the other cats, and focus on what tricks I might play on Alice when we get home. I think I can figure out how to use that laser thing, and then SHE can do the chasing!

Why board your cat at our facility?

  • Veterinary supervised
  • Team trained to administer medications and supplements
  • Team trained to care for special needs pets, such as diabetes
  • Amenities, such as playtime, daily brushing, nail trimming, and special treats
Cat Boarding

“Cascade did a great job of accommodating my two kitties with a comfortable, clean, safe, and engaging environment when I boarded them during a move. I loved the daily e-mail updates and pictures, which reassured me during a stressful time.”

— Elizabeth

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Please choose one of the following per night options:

VIP (Very Important Pet) Package
$36 for first cat & $30 for additional cat(s). Includes playtime, special
treat, brushing, and email updates.

Standard Package
$22 for first cat and $16 for additional cat(s).

Diabetic Package
$50.00. Includes administration of medications and nurse supervision.

Special Needs Special Care Package
$45. This pertains to cats needing special care such as multiple medications, bladder expression, post-op care.

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Activities & Services:

Individual Playtime: $9.00 for first cat / $5.00 for additional cat(s)
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Daily Treat $2.00
Daily Brushing $5.00
Email Updates $5.00
Nail Trimming $14.55
Veterinary Exam yesno

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