David C.

I would give this clinic 10 stars if I could. I started with Cascade Park about 30 years ago when Maureen Fritch had the practice. Loved Maureen, but the surgery and staff are even more outstanding now. I have an almost 13-year-old Lab with many problems, the latest of which was a tumor on her toe. It was interfering with her ability to get around. We were going to do surgery, even though it would be a risk. Then Dr. Reading thought she could remove the tumor with a local anesthetic instead of a full surgical effort with the dog being put under. It worked. It saved a lot of money. I am pleased beyond what I can express here. My dog had the less invasive procedure and is doing great. Love the staff, too, and the chance to see Ballast, a puppy belonging to one of the women in reception. It’s all good.

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